By now everyone is familiar with the old saying:

"(insert artist name) was ahead of their time"
when referencing a renowned artist whose works became popular years after their death.

But is that saying true to nature?

- Were those artists in fact truly ahead of their time or were those in higher positions at the time just out of touch with the ever evolving world around them?

Or worse?

- Are these individuals in more powerful seats using their positions in an effort to influence, control and force their own outdated social and political ideals on the unsuspecting consumers while masking it as "Fine Art Appreciation"?

- By studying these trends within the art world one will undoubtedly see that it sadly comes down to the curators, contributors and board members who are out of touch with the present world around them. They attempt to force their own out-dated and sometimes archaic social or political opinions on the art world. One will see with little effort by studying these trends that in every case it was not the artist who was ahead of their time, but rather the curators, gallery owners and so forth that were out of touch with the reality of the world they live within. In many cases, change only occurs when these senior members are replaced with younger leaders who gradually and over long periods of time (sometimes decades) integrate Art of their own generation. But, sadly these works are already 20-30 years behind and out of touch with the people it is attempting to reach thus creating a cycle.

- These gradual transitions take place over decades often leaving the artist who created the works of art penniless, while future members of the art world rake in millions from the artist's finest works.

- It is with this in mind that we have created Fetish & Fine Art Nude Magazine (FETFAN). FETFAN is meant to be a source of not only artistic expression, but also and more importantly, it will be used to showcase digital based artist who are NOT ahead of their time. FETFAN will focus on artists who display a high level of skill and the artistic ability to advance our understanding of not only Fine Art, but also the world around us. .

- Here at FETFAN we are looking for digital based artists who are in touch with today's world. Artists who are able to create highly skilled and beautiful digitally based works of art. We are not looking for the regurgitated ideas of an out dated understanding of the world and the cultures within it, i.e. DE-SKILLING.

* De-skilling is an outdated process that allowed artists of sub-par talent who were unable to create highly technical works of art of their own to saturate the market with thoughtless, effortless pieces that discredited the legitimacy of the various mediums as Art.

* This process allowed sub-par artists to ride the coat tails of true artists who took the time to understand their profession, artists who took the time to develop the skills needed to create highly skilled and detailed works of art.

- It is with this in mind that we will have a jury of genuine industry professionals who will select the content of each issue. The amount of images selected for each issue will be determined by the needs of the magazine.

For example:

(It is decided that we need 20 images to release a completed issue.)

- Each Juror will select their top 20 images and number them from 1-20

- This selection will be done anonymously with the hopes of preventing a juror's selections to be influenced by the voting of the other jurors.

- The jurors selections will also be blind to one another so that other jurors will not be able to have knowledge of which images their fellow jurors have selected until all selections have been made. This will ensure that all submissions are judged solely on the artistic merit and prevent "chain" voting.

If you would like to get more information in regards to the submission process please visit the thread "Submit for Publication" Or simply click the following link

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