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Model Carolyn Jean Interview
Tumblr: http://godsavecarolynjean.tumblr.com

Photographer John Moyer

Carolyn Jean: I am Carolyn Jean, and I am the worst at figuring out who I am entirely, but that is what makes life all the more mysterious and fun for me. I believe this shows in my artwork, whether it be my modeling, photography, poetry, or makeup artistry. I want to instill emotion within people, hopefully in a way that creates inspiration for others, to a level where one feels like they are dreaming in their own reality. I like creating beauty within concepts that aren't always initially viewed as artistic, like fetish art. People need to see the world differently, and in my eyes the world should all potentially be seen as beautiful.

FETFAN: How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been in the industry?

Carolyn Jean: My passions for modeling began at a very early age, perhaps when I was 11 or 12. Constantly being inspired by fashion editorials with a mixture of influence by music during times of my life that were less than fortunate created a drive to escape my norms. I practiced modeling since then, and finally legitimately entered the freelance modeling industry when I was about 15. It started with smaller, local gigs, and then flourished into what I do now.

Photographer Mandy Darling

FETFAN: Your work is definitely unique, how did you decide or how did you discover this side of you as a model?

Carolyn Jean: Unique is a hard word to describe. I think originality doesn't always come from original ideas, but the way someone achieves those ideas. I definitely don't like generic, cheesy ideas being over-used, like a girl with a wife beater and short shorts on, or your typical boudoir bedroom photos. If I do something with my work, I have to do it with a sense of pride knowing that I haven't seen work exactly like mine. Even if that means just adding something to a typical concept, and sometimes emotion is the BIGGEST key with adding originality. There is one model who I idolize for her originality, yet with a trendy twist, and her name is Echo Nittolitto. She is technically "retired" within the freelance industry, but I have gotten a chance to talk to her and she is amazing. She can pull off sexy and psychotic at the same time, with the look of an editorial from Vogue. It all just makes sense to me, and once being inspired by models like her came into play, I just knew what direction I wanted to go with my work.

Photographer Anonymous

FETFAN: What is your favorite category to model and why?

Carolyn Jean: That's a really tough one. I absolutely love different aspects of modeling for different reasons, and sometimes it's hard to tell what falls into what category. Fetish work, specifically bondage work can be really fun for me, because the experience of being tied up is already a relaxed version of releasing myself, and certain bondage work is so incredibly beautiful, I can't get over it. I guess my favorite thing to do within modeling is being able to change into a different character entirely, with the help of makeup, hair and different characterization. It reflects my love for Halloween, you could say. Being someone else is another fetish of mine I guess.

Photographer ILoveShinyStuff

FETFAN: FETFAN Magazine is an alternative fine art nude magazine, but at the same time allowing artists to express themselves through their art. Fetishes are one of these forms. Do you have any fetishes that you have modeled or personally find interesting?

Carolyn Jean: Bondage, latex, gag balls, dom/sub work, hot wax, the list goes on...It creates a challenge for me to balance eroticism with expressive art outside of the realm of pornography. Art is one of my few methods of letting go from my otherwise anal and OCD train of thought, it allows me to practice spontaneity. This in turn has helped me explore my fetishes, because some of them wouldn't even have been discovered if it weren't through my journey of modeling.

Photographer Eric Paguio

FETFAN: Nudes, fine art nudes, how do you feel about the concept and how do you prepare for this type of shoot?

Carolyn Jean: Love nudes. Nude everything. I embrace my body and love to show it off in ways that are more than just vanity-based. Depending on the shoot, nude work may involve no preparation at all. I am shameless at times about the level of body hair I have. Of course, safety at a shoot is the first thought no matter if I'm nude, but it's good to be more cautious during these shoots, especially if you have never worked with the photographer in the past. I am not against models who are comfortable posing completely spread eagle and directly pornographic, but I try to be more aware of the vibes I'm putting off during a nude shoot, because I am more particular with how I like to be viewed while nude. I know I only have so much control as to how the viewers perceive me, but if I can control how much of me I sexually put out there in my art, I prefer to be less explicit and more sensual. Though, I can say I put a bundle of thin glow sticks in my vagina out of humor, but humor is priority in my life also.

Photographer ILoveShinyStuff

FETFAN: Throughout your modeling I'm sure you have been to many different places, which have been your favorite and what kind of project were you working on?

Carolyn Jean: I'm in the works of traveling more often than I used to, although I have taken a few tours during my modeling career. I mostly have ventured the highs and lows of the Pacific Northwest, where I was born and raised. Portland always gives me a good time while I work down there, the girls who all dance at Devil's Point are also fellow models, and they are a hoot to hang around. I usually work on multiple projects when I'm in a certain area, and one of my favorites was modeling for a clothing company. We shot at the abandoned LA zoo, and the location was just stellar, definitely a memorable place.

FETFAN: Is there anyone who has inspired your work?

Carolyn Jean: Echo Nittolitto, fellow local models and photographers, music, Bettie Paige, Marilyn Monroe, Jeffree Star (ironically), and many many "pioneers" of the online freelance modeling industry (Hattie Watson, Alysha Nett, Casstronaut, Mosh, Raquel Reed, and any of the ORIGINAL Suicide Girls). So many things inspire me, it's hard to pin point the most influential.

Photographer Henry Vance

FETFAN: Who is your favorite artist in the industry and why?

Carolyn Jean: I would stay Steven Meisel, Vogue photographer. His work reflects what I wish to do, successful variety achieved in a graceful, glorious way.

FETFAN: When at a photoshoot, what do you love most about the experience and what do you find challenging as a model?

Carolyn Jean: What I love most during a photoshoot is being able to see the happiness on a photographer's face while they are shooting, it gives me that confirmation I always appreciate. It motivates me to keep going and sharing my creativity. One of the more challenging things during a photoshoot is having energy, especially when you don't already have it. Dealing with different photographer's personalities can drain a lot of energy out of you also.

Photographer Molly Magee

FETFAN: How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?

Carolyn Jean: Genuine, Insane, Lovely

FETFAN: What do you think your strongest feature is in modeling?

Carolyn Jean: My strongest feature would probably be my ability to reflect someone's style of photography in a way that is still Carolyn. I'm very adaptable.

Photographer ILoveShinyStuff

FETFAN: At the end of the day when all is done what are you most proud of?

Carolyn Jean: Shit, that's a hard one too. I think I would be most proud of the fact that I got myself a full-page ad gig in Rolling Stone for Munito headphones, with no agency involved in booking it for me (my superficial choice). A less superficial achievement is knowing I really have been able to share my passions with people I'm closest to. There are a handful of friends I've assisted in introducing modeling to, and some of them have really taken off. Very proud that I can share those passions with people I care about.

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