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FANdom Con 2013
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FANdom Con 2013

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Start Time
01:43 am
October 18, 2013
End Time
04:43 am
October 20, 2013


University of West Florida
United States


So, you may be wondering, “What exactly is FAN:dom?” To start things off, FAN:dom is a convention that covers over a variety of interests. It’s not just an anime or sci-fi convention. It’s both and more. We'll try to bring everything and anything!

The recent FAN:dom boasted a wide variety of events including: Theater Performances, A Concert performed by Eric Stuart and Todd Haberkorn, Cosplay Contest, Quidditch Tourament, Video Game Tournaments, and much more. We wanted year three to be bigger and better than year two and one combined, and we feel that we succeeded with an increase of 238 people to give us a grand total of 1,421 individual registered guests.

This time around, October 18-20, 2013, we want to increase the amount of Japanese cultural events while still giving you the classic events from years past. Year four will prove itself to be bigger and better than year three and we hope to continue this trend for years to come.
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