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.Post in Site Mod positions available
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.Post in Site Mod positions available
- we expect you to commit to posting 3-4 days a week. - Starting new topics in your forum is strongly encouraged when possible. - Please only pin topics with original ideas, unless the topic is popular. - Use the rules as your guide. They clearly outline the rights you have as a moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any co-owner. - If a post or thread violates any rules, please feel free to delete or move it. You are given permission to do so. It is okay to take action using your best judgment without contacting a co-owner. This is why an appeals process is in place. - Please contact the member when you delete or alter their post. Some members do get mad if an explanation is not given. - Please contact the creator of a thread if you decide to move it. - Please do not move threads started by an owner. If you think something should be moved, please contact an owner first. (This is especially important if they are threads pertaining to forum business.) - All deleted posts and topics automatically go to the Trash Can and can be un-deleted in the event that a decision is overturned, so no need to worry. - You have the ability to issue account warnings. Please only do so in accordance with FETFAN rules. - If you issue any verbal warnings or account warnings, please post a thread in the Board Room so all staff members can follow the warning process appropriately. MOST IMPORTANTLY... As staff members, it is expected of you to show respect for fellow staff members. If you have an issue with a staff member, you may use the Back Office forum (only available to staff) to address your concerns. It is the responsibility of everyone on staff to recruit new members. If you don't know a lot of people, you can contribute in the brainstorming process. If you do know people, we are counting on YOU to spread the word about FETFAN. This is subject to change, but as moderators you are expected to set an example on the forum, one account warning issued by an administrator could lead to the loss of moderating status. Of course, make sure you get to know the rules well. The only way to enforce the rules is to know them. And finally, check thread rules regularly for any changes. It is your duty as a moderator to know the rules and what your responsibilities are.