What are the differences between the two memberships free and premium?

Are there any differences between what parts of the site artists/contributors see/have access to versus art appreciators?

How do we search for other artists/photographers/mua's on the site?
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Right now the main differences between the two are Access ie free access to the digital version of the mag when it is released.

Image sizes, upload amounts and so on.

Our end plan is to allow premium members to post events, more marketplace access and so on.

There is also the ability for things like Like pages, blogs, music and about a million other things that we have already install but haven't got to the texting phase with them yet.

Also when we get done testing we will be increasing the price of the account to around $10 (haven't decided yet)

BUT all Premium members at that point will be converted to Legacy accounts and will NEVER as long as we own the publication have their membership increasedSmile

that is just SOME of the ideas that we are working on right now.
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