FETFAN Magazine Content Release Form and Contract

I, ____________________________________________________ agree to bestow/allow "Fetish and Fine Art Nude Magazine" (hereafter referred to as FETFAN) the rights to use any portion of, or all of my writings, photographs, images, paintings, videos, artwork and/or drawings (hereafter referred to as ‘submission(s)’ (listed in the content details) for their magazine .
I hereby state that:

1. I am the sole owner and copyright holder of the submission(s), or have permission from the copyright holder to submit images on his/her behalf; and have the right to allow FETFAN Magazine to publish my submission(s) without infringing on the ownership or copyright of anyone else.

2. I understand that FETFAN Magazine has no control over who reads FETFAN Magazine or the amount of readers of FETFAN Magazine.

3. FETFAN Magazine will actively publish FETFAN Magazine whenever and in whatever media form they choose including but not limited to online, mobile and print modes of publication.

4. I will not submit anything that is not rights-free or content that I share the rights to, to FETFAN Magazine without first clearing the use of the content by FETFAN Magazine in a signed document by other rights holders and submitting those signed documents to FETFAN Magazine via digital transmission or US mail and confirming receipt of all such documents.

5. I understand and agree that FETFAN Magazine has no liability or involvement, legal or otherwise, with any submission(s) that I have not cleared the rights for.

6. This Release form will cover this submission(s) to FETFAN Magazine.

7. I understand that the employees, editors and or legal representatives of FETFAN Magazine will not be held liable for any legal issues arising out of false statements made by me about my submission(s) or my inability or ignorance in clearing the rights with any other right holders of my submission(s).

8. I understand and agree that FETFAN Magazine may need to edit my submission(s).

9. I understand that FETFAN Magazine may or may not accept my submission(s) for publication, or may decide to accept only a portion of my submission(s), but by entering into this agreement I understand that if my submission(s) or a portion thereof is accepted for publication, I irrevocably grant an unlimited usage license to FETFAN Magazine, it's agents, assigns, licensees and successors to use my submission(s) including but not limited to subsequent printings, editions, online, mobile, tablets as well as related advertising in any form as related to FETFAN Magazine.

10. I understand that all submissions are In-kind and my only compensation will be credit for my submission(s) published in FETFAN Magazine. Credit will be given under the name or pseudonym I specify as part of the copyright of the submission(s).

11. I understand that once submission(s) is made, they cannot be withdrawn.

12. I understand that any exclusive (exclusive shoots under the direct supervision of a FETFAN staff member or any shoot commissioned by FETFAN) shoot I do for FETFAN Magazine either as a solo photographer or part of a group with the primary purpose for content for FETFAN Magazine will be co-licensed to FETFAN Magazine and I cannot share those images with any other publication or online website but only use those shots on my portfolio/profile for non- commercial. The images published in FETFAN Magazine are to be used only in the form of scanned or digital tear sheets from FETFAN Magazine. Any residual shots from the exclusive shoots for FETFAN Magazine can be used by me on my portfolio for non-commercial use as long as I also share those with FETFAN Magazine for use on FETFAN Magazine website showcase, appropriately credited to me.

13. In the case of submission(s) containing nudity or partial nudity, I agree to submit scanned copies of age verification documents of every person included in the creation of my submission.

14. I acknowledge that if the submission is accepted for publication, the content may be used by FETFAN Magazine to utilize for marketing and promotional purposes for at least 90 days. I also acknowledge that I will only be contacted if my content is accepted for publication. ______(initial)

Read and agreed:

Legal Name: ______________________________________________________________________________
Pseudonym (if applicable): ______________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Address Cont’d: _____________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________________ State: __________________
Zip: _____________ Phone Number: ______________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Signature: __________________________________________________

*I agree to submit scanned copies of age verification documents of every person included in the creation of my submission.
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