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Interview with Andy Welch

Posted on August 27, 2015 by
Andy Welch

Jordan Bunniie

Andy: I am a traveler, but I am based in Richmond, Virginia. Born and raised.

FETFAN: How long have you been in the industry?

Andy: I started out as a freelance model under the alias Andy Virus. I began that in 2008 and traveled the country for a year in 2011-2012. Toward the end of my modeling career, I began photography in January 2012 and have been doing that since. It's been quite a journey.

Jordan Bunniie

FETFAN: What is your favorite genre to work on and how did you discover it was what you are most passionate about?

Andy: That is a tough one. I began shooting erotic and fetish work when I first started. As I kept shooting I began shooting more fashion and lingerie work. I started to study photographers like Irving Penn, Vivian Maier, Irving Klaw, Bob Carlos Clarke, and the almighty, Helmut Newton. Just to name a few. I've also been covering music work for the past few years as music is a great passion of mine. I've been fortunate with who I've shot like a summer editorial for Gastronomique En Vogue Magazine, Max Green for BlackCraft Clothing, Vans Warped Tour, and Ryan Seaman of a band called Falling in Reverse.

Jordan Bunniie

FETFAN: Do you have any projects your working on or coming up that you are looking forward to work on?

Andy: I am currently working on a series called "Goddess". I am working on making that into a book within the next couple years and I have some wonderful people that I'm working on being a part of it. I have another series called "Erotic Violence" that will consist of my erotic and fetish work. I have a project that I cannot talk about yet with one of my biggest clients that is going to be huge. I am beyond stoked.

Luxbot Lacheln

FETFAN: What is the ultimate goal for your studio?

Andy: When I first started photography, the only thing I wanted was for people to see it. I wanted my work to move people. Invite people into my head, but they can also interpret it in their own way. Where my passion for music comes in. A song is written by the artist, but the listener can interpret it in their own way. I'd like to work with bigger clients and keep growing as an artist. This whole thing is addicting.

Luxbot Lacheln

FETFAN: Something a little more fun...Do you have any fetishes and how did you discover this side of yourself?

Andy: I have a thing for stockings. Thigh highs to be exact. Not sure why. That's what a fetish is, right? I've got a more common one for booty. Female to be exact lol. But, I think everyone does. I don't remember exactly how I discovered this side of myself. I think maybe in high school surfing around the internet. Maybe when I saw the film "Secretary" for the first time. Porn helped too.

Sierra Mckenzie

FETFAN: How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?

Andy: Passionate. Ambitious. Dork.

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