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Markus Gollner Interview

Posted on July 5, 2016 by
Markus Gollner Interview

Markus: I love it to work with models and other creative people to have them
transformed into a new and unique entity. Based on that I employ
various elements to create an image which is surreal, crazy and
provocative. No pleasant, flowerish, softedged art. I like to challenge
borders and push them a bit further. I want the viewer to stop, talk,
think and interact with the creative process. Even if they disagree and
don´t like what they see, there is a reaction.
But of course I am pleased, when my images find a place on a wall.

FETFAN: How did you get started with Photography and how long have you been a
photographer for?

Markus: I started in my youth to pick up the camera, but didn´t have photography
as a profession on my radar for a long time. About 15 years ago I was
bored with the "usual" images everybody (me included at that time) shot
and I wanted to progress and evolve.

FETFAN: What type of camera do you shoot with?

Markus: Canon EOS 5D MkIII

FETFAN: If you had to choose one lens to work with which one would it be and why?

Markus: Sigma 24-105mm Art; The lens is incredible sharp and is very good on contrast and colour.

FETFAN: What lighting equipment do you take on a shoot?

Markus: That depends on the scenario. Canon Speedlight 600RT, if speed is
required. Priolite M-Packs if a lot of juice is needed.

FETFAN: Your photography stands out from many artists, how did you decide or
discover this side of yourself as an artist?

Markus: I always wanted to take pictures up close, from in the middle of the
pack, not from somewhere in the distance. To get allowed to come that
close you have to build a relationship with your subject. And in the
post-production, in my work as an artist, I want to cross a line
every time again and again. I want to progress, get it a step further,
find a new angle, another element or add something, I haven´t used
before. I want to learn and evolve. I am curious and restless. It is a
process that has started many years ago and has - hopefully - no end to it.

FETFAN: How much post production do you do on your images?

Markus: Sometimes I am done in 2 hours, sometimes it takes a hole day. A lot of
time goes into finding the right elements in an image and combine them.

FETFAN: What software do you use for editing your images?

Markus: Photoshop

FETFAN: What inspires you to create such great imagery?

Markus: That is simple. I love it to be creative.

FETFAN: What is your favorite image you have recently created and can you give
us an insight on its creation?

Markus: The shot was taken in the studio as most of them. I had an image

FETFAN: Throughout your career I'm sure you have been to many different places,
which has left an impression and what kind of project were you working on?

Markus: I have been in the desert and traveling with a group, I had to portray
and take pictures of them. Thoses days we did drive through a forsaken
and barren landscape with no other humans in sight. In the nights we lay
on our sleeping bags and watched the nightsky so full of stars. A desert
fox watching us. I forget to be on top of a planet and wanted to reach
out to the stars. Everything is so pure and simple at those moments.

FETFAN: What talent would you like most to have?

Markus: Magic

FETFAN: What is something you consider to be overrated?

Markus: Technology.

FETFAN: Is there anyone who has inspired your work?

Markus: Yes, Stefan Gesell and Terry Pratchett.

FETFAN: When at a photoshoot, what do you love most about the experience and
what do you find challenging as an artist?

Markus: When I am in the flow, it is a kind of mental state, that is
electrifying. Everything comes together and it works. I know, when a
certain shot was outstanding, the image is stored in my head already.
That is what I enjoy most. But to get to this point, there is a lot of
coordination necessary. And of course to get the right people on set
with me, that can be challenging occasionally.

FETFAN: Have you ever attended any seminars or workshops?

Markus: Yes.

FETFAN: How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?

Markus: Visually addicted visionaire.

FETFAN: As an artist I'm sure there are many art forms you enjoy photographing.
Can you share which ones you enjoy the most.

Markus: People and everything with fast paced action.

FETFAN: Have you ever found an interest in Fetish Photography, and if so please
share your favorite experience.

Markus: I never thought in this term.

FETFAN: What photographic ambition have you not achieved yet?

Markus: Being exhibited in a museum.

FETFAN: What advice would you give to someone who is considering a photography

Markus: It has to burn fiercely inside you. If the fire isn´t strong enough and
you are not tenacious enough, you may want to reconsider your choice.

FETFAN: To your fans and followers any last words?

Markus: It is to early for last words. ;-)

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