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This week we have an amazing artist who's growing exponentially in modeling and as a makeup artist. Hailing from my home town, NYC, Alexandria is determined and driven by her accomplishments.
Photographer- Christopher Levy | Model/MUA- J.Alexandria Cintron
J. Alexandria Cintron is a New young creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print. Her training and education, along with her affable personality provides her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional to add to the success of the creative team of any project, within the production budget and schedule, regardless of the nature, scope or location.
Alexandria's diverse background and experience creates a unique style. She has the ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject, no matter the gender, ethnicity or character portrayal.
Whether her responsibilities were to take her on location to a motion picture set, television studio, video session or to a photographic makeup shoot for a catalogue, Alexandria displays her talent for creating the right look, a "flawless on film" look, whether by artistry techniques, beautiful skin tones, breath-taking shading or coordinating flashy colors always with the needs, goals and objective of the project foremost in her presentation.
Alexandria is available to travel on location within the New York City area, and welcomes you to view her MM portfolio of some of her work or her facebook, and is looking forward to growing with new talent. You can find the links to these sites here in the article.
Photo-shoot/Video Promo - "Elixir" (Available on YouYube under Rawsyndicateworld)
Photographer/Director - Anthony Rowley- Mister Rowley
Model/MakeupArtist - J. Alexandria Cintron
Designer- Tiffany b. Chanel
dbc: Do you favor modeling or being a makeup artist and why?
Alexandria: I enjoy both. Modeling is something I've always wanted to be apart of. I enjoy all aspects of it. Fashion, Role play, and being able to tell a story or project emotion through a single photo. It allows me to be something I am not at that moment, but essentially it is something I am just lucky enough to do. Makeup Artistry is something I will always enjoy and want to grow with. It is more than a skill or hobby its a passion of mine. It allows me to be as creative as I want. The satisfaction of seeing transformation, and enhancement of beauty through another person influenced by my art, definitely takes the cake for me.
dbc: Your makeup work is amazing and evolving at the same time. What genre of makeup do you plan on persuing and how did you decide this is where you want to focus your work?
Alexandria: Thank you for the compliment, everyday I am learning something new to enhance my techniques. Influence is everywhere. I honestly enjoy it all, fashion, glamour, and special effects. If I had to choose one it would be high fashion. Fashion can be full of drama, fantasy, even a plain simple look in fashion can be so captivating to ones natural beauty. Its Seeing a model sell more than just a pretty smile or look, but the balance between both.
Phtographer - Matt PDBYM Ramirez
Model of MSA Models - @kirbycerny
Hair - Jaquel Jones
dbc: What is your favorite category to model and why?
Alexandria: As I still look at myself as a beginner in the Modeling world I have to say I enjoyed it all because it is all somewhat new to me. Although, I have had the most fun playing dress up with fashion photography. I have been able to meet many new and talented designers with very different prospective's on fashion and beauty. It is all art and to be able to even slightly see someones vision by what they can uniquely design and create is inspiring to myself and my work.
dbc: Fetfan Magazine is a fetish fine art nude platform. Do you have any fetishes that you have modeled or personally find interesting?
Alexandria: I have to say I personally find the magazine to be very interesting. So much talent, beauty, and fantasy in one. Its always lovely to review tasteful artistic work. As of fetishes of my own.... I guess I would have to say long healthy natural hair, if that can count as one. I have many shots that are very popular with accentuating my hair, what can I say I am a female who loves a good hair flip. It really has a life of its own. Its a big part of who I am and how I take care of myself as for many. I find it not only attractive but also very empowering on woman or a man.
Photographer - Robenson Charles | Model/MUA - J. Alexandria Cintron
dbc: Is there anyone who has inspired your work? /Who is your favorite artist in the industry and why? (apply to yourself as a model and a MUA)
Alexandria: I find inspiration for my Makeup techniques through many artist new and old, it is an art and can be found anywhere but its truly about finding your own. I have been inspired and educated from when I was just a kid playing in my room looking through magazines recreating looks or to when I was sitting in a classroom learning the history and basics of makeup to be Certified. Also having an artistry background did help me. Being an art student with the love for painting, sculpting, fashion and photography helped mold my passions. If I had to choose one, Michelle Phan is inspiration for me. She is a young artist who started as a waitress from Boston with a passion for makeup and curiosity for products and is benefits. She started creating YouTube tutorials where she demonstrated her many looks, tips and tricks for young girls. Phan's videos implemented some special effects and a voice-over narration which were uncommon for the time but proved popular. She now owns her own line of makeup called "EM" it meaning "a reflection of ME". Just like that she helped many girls break from there shells, just as I hope to inspire others with my work. As for modeling, It is just something I picked up. Although I never went to school for it It was something that I just felt comfortable doing. I feel that if you are comfortable in your own skin and able to act on impulse and improve you can do anything and have fun with it.
Photographer - Matt PDBYM Ramirez | Model/MUA - J. Alexandria Cintron
dbc: When at a photoshoot, what do you love most about the experience and what do you find challenging as a model and as a MUA? What do you think your strongest feature is in modeling?
Alexandria: When modeling Its easy to enjoy alot of the perks, being able to work with a talented team, model different designs and being pampered with hair and makeup but what I love mostly is the "acting" aspect of it. Every shoot is different, its actually being challenged to project a different emotion and action that I find most challenging and most enjoyable. Being able to bring an idea to life, and with that I feel it can be my strongest feature. Personally What I've Learned is that my favorite work is always the ones I felt awkward doing for example climbing up a 30ft. tree to get a shot, or holding painful positions for long periods of time in terrible weather. All in which allowing my to step out of the box and make art. As a Makeup Artist every shoot is enjoyable. Being able to create something new, and enhance someones beauty and confidence makes it all worth it to me. With that does come trust, and opinions. Everyone will not always be pleased making it a challenge, but overall its always learning experience on how to better a situation and please a client.
Photographer- Robenson Charles | Model/MUA- J. Alexandria Cintron
dbc: Of all your work, which is your favorite?
Alexandria: Of all my work thus far as a MUA I would have to say my favorite is always my last because I am only evolving and seeing my progress through my hard work is very satisfying. If I had to choose specifically It would be my Halloween shoot of Oct. 2013. Halloween is my favorite holiday, it allows people to become anyone or anything they want. It shows everyone's fun creative without being judged. I produced a promotional shoot with my team of designers, models, hair stylist and photographers as I did the makeup for it and modeled as well. It was so much fun to be able to see a group of talented individuals work together to create a vision of mine. We were all very pleased with the outcome. For my favorite work as a model I guess it would be a lifestyle/ fashion shoot I did this year that was published on a 4pg. spread in Ellements Magazine October 2013 issue. Seeing myself in a magazine viewable to many is very exciting.
Photographer - Robenson Charles
Model - Wendy Benitez
Designer - Ferett Compos
Hair - Jaquel Jones.
MUA - J. Alexandria Cintron
dbc: How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?
Alexandria: Creative. fastidious. Inquisitive.
Phtographer - Robenson Charles
Model - Gabrielle @yogabbagabbie
MUA - J. Alexandria Cintron
dbc: At the end of the day when all is done what are you most proud of?
Alexandria: At the end of the day I am mostly proud of my determination and growth as a young individual. I work very hard each day to be the person I aspire to be. I have met so many talented people through this that believe in me and have helped me along and without my friends and loving family it wouldn't have been such an easy ride. I look forward to my future success.
I Believe That Every Life Is Valuable; That We Can Make Things Better; That Innovation Is The Key to a Bright Future; That We're Just Getting Started – Bill Gates
Photographer - Matt PDBYM Ramirez | Model/MUA - J. ALexandria Cintron
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