Since we launched this magazine there is one question that we always get


WHY would you want to associate "Fine Art" with anything Fetish?

OUR response is always the same:


IS a beautifully created image any less beautiful because it has subjects dressed in Cosplay costumes?


IS a beautifully created image any less beautiful because it has subjects that are of the same-sex?

IN many cases anything that contains nudity, same-sex or fantasy is considered perverse, un-natural and degrading especially if a female is present in the image.

THESE outdated and out of touch doctrines are spoon fed to everyone threw mass media and "Fine Art"

THROUGH the systematic manipulation of the media; politicians have implemented oppressive policies in the form of stereotypes ie

Any woman who wants to dress up and tie a man up MUST be a slut or have something mentally wrong with her.

* First of all how is a woman spanking a man degrading to her is beyond us.

* Maybe she just likes the feeling of leather on her skin.

* How is it degrading to her or anyone else to do what they enjoy and makes them feel good?

These same leaders mask their own archaic beliefs under the disguise of gender equality.

BUT if you compare side by side the treatment of women with the views of the 17th and 18th century you will see very strong similarities.

* A woman portrayed in a dominant position to a man ie the man is subordinate to the woman is seen as a whore, slut or the vengeful eve. Eve the one who strayed from her role and ruined life on earth for all humans.

* On the same hand feminist groups have been attacking the very same people that they claim to protect.

FEMINIST groups ensure the status quo of the current gender oppression by calling anything that doesn't suit their goals "Degrading".

* If a woman decides to pose naked she is being objectified and oppressed by men.

* Well it is a fact that models who willingly shoot nude are much more comfortable with themselves and for most the liberation happens the instant the clothing comes off.

IT is these archaic practices of dictating what a woman should and shouldn't be allowed to do with her own body that are DEGREADING, NOT ART!

IT is beautiful to shoot a male and female couple together but if you shoot a homosexual male couple it is gross.

* Once again if someone creates a beautiful piece of art does the fact that it showcases two males in intimate situations take away from it's beauty? NO of course not

This BRAINWASHING is easily proven with a quick practical exercise:

IF you take 5 minutes and type Alternative Models in any search engine and see what comes up.
DO you see website after website of beautifully executed and technically sound images created by professionals who truly took the time to develop that one single masterpiece?

DO you see any number of sites filled with what many in the world would consider porn?

(We are not saying that we don't like porn or that there is anything wrong with porn)

* Sites filled with images that have zero artistic value.

* Images that are not in focus

* Images that are not properly exposed

SITES like these (whether you consider them right or wrong) are used to FUEL the stereotypes forced upon anyone who doesn't fit within the pretty little box that those in charge are attempting to keep us in.

THOSE sites are used as a foundation for the very people who most of those sites claim to speak out against.

* How can you say that someone who is overweight is just as beautiful as the most perfect Victoria secrets model. But then show the Victoria secret's model all glammed up and the over-weight subject out of focus, hair all messed up, not properly exposed and lit in a way that it truly makes the subject look undesirable?

The Answer is you can't!

IT is NOT clever to do so, it is not something new or a socio political statement to do so. It is doing NOTHING but regurgitating the same archaic beliefs that has oppressed so many people throughout history. FETFAN decided to not only flip the concepts of what "Fine Art" is but also show that there is beauty in everyone and everything. Just because someone might look different, or may love in a different way. That doesn't make them any less beautiful or more importantly it doesn't make them any less human. The corner stone of our movement is to show the beauty in what the mainstream media calls "alternative". But here at FETFAN we cherish the LGBT community, we support our friends and family members who live and love on a daily basis against all odds.

Snow flakes are not beautiful because they all look the same. It is our uniqueness that makes everyone and everything beautiful.